Monday, January 26, 2009

You like them apples?


After a semi-rough night of catering to the needs of food-ordering customers, myself and some friends ventured a block away to sit at a different bar. Luckily, drafts were only $2.50 each for the late-night happy hour and sat at the bar we did. Never having all drank together, the conversation was quite interesting and all the funny. Especially when we realized the other 3 fellows were younger than me! While gulping down my favorite St. Louis brew (with extra lemon)- two of the others ordered another round of some apple beer. Apple Beer you say?

Yes, Floris Apple Garden beer. Garden? Apple? These two men didn't mind to be drinking this "foo-foo" sounding concoction, so they offered me a taste. Much more sugary than a Strongbow Cider, but good none the less (and maybe less alcohol content as well). The sugar mixed with the carbonation made the drink taste like a soda- spiked with alcohol. It earns maybe 3 stars out of 5 - but too much sugar usually leads to a bad hangover. Good ratings here as well from the Beer Advocate
There was only that sip, and my wheat beer filled me up the rest of the morning.

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