Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Soupin' It

Here in the midwest, we're used to have below-freezing temps and scattered snow flurries one day and then 50 degree sunny skies the next. Luckily, we have several soup options down and around town and at just about each sandwich shop. Not only can you get a toasted sammy, you can get a bowl (or yummy bread bowl) of delish soup. A favorite of mine is creamy tomato soup or tomato basil soup.

"Usually" (quotes!) they aren't concocted of a beef or chicken base (if you're lucky) but with a salty or veggie stock, and actual tomatoes instead. Being a vegetarian - you've got to pay attention to small details like this- so always ask, and if the staff are unsure- or don't have a list of ingredients to refer to- get something else! A restaurant customer the other night was verifying if a dish contained any gluten- which effected her possible life-threatening condition, so the kitchen was asked and lists were double-checked before assuring her it didn't. If in doubt, just always ask. Another (sometimes) imposter is copycat broccoli cheese soup, which uses chicken broth. A good friend of mine hooked me on a easy home version of the Weight Watchers (good for you and easy to make as well) WW broccoli cheese- and we just substitute veggie broth for chicken broth. It's easy and satisfying every time. Throw in some croutons and top with more shredded cheese and it's a party all right!

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