Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yummy Gummi Bear Shot


Yummy Gummi- shot? About every other bartender quizzed so far around town knows how to make the gummi bear shot. There is high speculation about what flavor the clear/white gummi bear really is, and usually it's considered the "mystery" flavor. Some guess coconut or pineapple- and then it depends on the brand you choose. If you want to take it to the originator- it's Haribo. Haribo is the extra chewy but so flavorful brand, and many believe it's Trolli who's actually the original. Nope- Trolli is actually the first German candy company to make gummi worms, and they did so almost 60 years after the bear.

People who love the candy bears, that get their gummi-ness from gelatin and a boatload of sugar, are bewildered by the gummi bear shot. The flavor is the white gummi bear and here's how you make it according to Drinks Mixer:

1 oz good vodka
1/2 oz raspberry schnapps
1/2 oz cranberry juice

The shot actually turns out clear-and just by searching online, there's a variety of different schnapps that can be used...though they must taste different? And the cranberry use must somehow be clear, but at least it is mighty tasty! So far, only two bartenders have nailed it when asked. Currently it's a favorite shot of mine, so there will be more quizzed in the future. Plus, no gelatin in the drink. Vegetarian bonus!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Subbin' Sandwiches Since 1975

The great veggie sandwich is somewhat hard to come by these days, with dressings soaking the buns and resorting to the "fat free" versions without much taste and with hand-fed home-grown cow meat being marketed to be ever so tasty to meat eaters- those lunch sandwiches are much more popular. Sometimes a sammie can be so good, you don't notice the rooftop of your mouth being scraped bare by the dried bread soaked in sauce. But, for human herbivores out there, a simple lettuce and cheese sub won't do.

Enter the Vegetarian at The Sub Shop. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G bread! They never freeze the dough, it's made from scratch, and its the softest, chewiest, wheat bread. This impresses me- especially being a fan of Sara Lee's numerous wheat breads. Yum-yum! So their signature vegetarian sub has olives, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, swiss cheese, american cheese, mozzarella cheese, tomato, and some mayo thrown on. That's 3 different cheeses, and 5 veggies, on your delish bread. For the extra vegan touch, they can withhold the cheese, and add some kraut. Since my first ever veggie sam was this week, the vegan choice will be my next. And it will be soon!

If you happen to eat meat, you will be pleased to know they make meatballs as well. One interesting combo that still has me confused is a grilled cheese sub with pizza sauce. More research must be done to figure out if there's any meaty substances in the pizza sauce, because it could, maybe, possibly be a yummy combo. It might be better to try it out at home first though... So, even if you're extra hungry, there's a half foot, whole foot, and two-footer sized options for your appetite on the menu. They come wrapped completely in foil to keep them toasty for your taste buds. My vegetarian taste buds are quite pleased, and a selling point was that their Vegetarian sub won Best of 2008 by Columbia.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chai is Tea. So Chai Tea, is 'Tea Tea'?


With bells ringing on a rainy, slightly blustery day, the best post-lunch perk-me-up is a Chai latte. Since renovation had been completed in a nearby building, my jaunt led me there, inside to the new Starbucks counter. When asking for a Chai latte- the returning question was "what kind?" There's a kind? Oh yes, much beyond the hot or cold decisions, now you can choose the brand/type of tea- for instance Tazo is the main one utilized by Starbucks. They have regular Chai, London Fog, Black, and Vanilla Rooibos (this last one actually does taste like vanilla).

For those out there that enjoy the rainy spring showers, and opt for the colder beverages- you have more choices. The new Tea Infusions mix apple or berry juices with your chai, add a little extra spice and serve chilled on ice. Possibly more flavors to come?

If you like to get really fancy, Adagio has just the selection where you are able to pick your blends and get as specific as you wish. Time for Tea! And yes, oddly enough in America, we don't recognize that Chai is the word for tea in many other countries...and we still call it Chai Tea.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Shot of Comfort, Shot of Lime


While at Blondie's the other night, the man in the lab (minus the coat) began mixing his guessed concoction of Soco (Southern Comfort) and concentrated lime to come up with the perfect Soco and Lime Shot. Speedy fingers requesting some help from Google, and we found that the mix is one half Soco and one half lime juice. Except not the super, extra bitter, concentrated kind. But we four were on a mission and attempt, after attempt, we continued on our journey. One suggestion was to add water, another to add ice, to shake, to stir, and finally- at wits end, we drank whatever mixtures we were left with. And never really capturing the well-mixed flag on that night.

Thank goodness it was just the predrink session!

Southern Comfort is a liqueur (i.e. blend),of whiskey, peach, orange, banana, vanilla, sugar, and cinnamon flavors. It is NOT a bourbon whiskey. It is actually brewed in Ireland and was introduced in 1889- and depending on what country you live in- comes in several different proofs! (several, you say?- the lowest being in Australia and New Zealand). The originating Irish bartender moved to Memphis, TN. and worked on his patent there- and won the World's Fair Gold Medal in 1904, in St.Louis, MO. (Midwest representing!). The picture on the label is an actual place, called the Woodland Plantation in Louisiana that is a national historical place in the south. The tagline "None Genuine But Mine" is the first one penned by the bartender. So enjoy your Soco and add some lime (50/50 to be exact), and cheers to your friends!

Boyfriend Sweater-ize


The perfect accessory in between winter's bitter cold and dry months, and spring's semi-warm and damp months is the Boyfriend Sweater or Cardigan. Yes! It's about time for the season to be right! Now made especially for women as well, but still carrying the name of "boyfriend's", the super comfy and thin cover-up works with just about any outfit, and comes in every color and some luxe fabrics like this one at VS. Some cardigans have pockets, but they usually have large buttons, lengthy sleeves, and will cover a long torso. The most comfortable fabric, and definitely most favored: Cashmere! Just pulling it on makes you feel luxurious- and one place to find a great one is J Crew. Sexy! Belt it at the waist and fabulous you are, as well as prepared for the "in-between" season!