Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chai is Tea. So Chai Tea, is 'Tea Tea'?


With bells ringing on a rainy, slightly blustery day, the best post-lunch perk-me-up is a Chai latte. Since renovation had been completed in a nearby building, my jaunt led me there, inside to the new Starbucks counter. When asking for a Chai latte- the returning question was "what kind?" There's a kind? Oh yes, much beyond the hot or cold decisions, now you can choose the brand/type of tea- for instance Tazo is the main one utilized by Starbucks. They have regular Chai, London Fog, Black, and Vanilla Rooibos (this last one actually does taste like vanilla).

For those out there that enjoy the rainy spring showers, and opt for the colder beverages- you have more choices. The new Tea Infusions mix apple or berry juices with your chai, add a little extra spice and serve chilled on ice. Possibly more flavors to come?

If you like to get really fancy, Adagio has just the selection where you are able to pick your blends and get as specific as you wish. Time for Tea! And yes, oddly enough in America, we don't recognize that Chai is the word for tea in many other countries...and we still call it Chai Tea.

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