Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yummy Gummi Bear Shot


Yummy Gummi- shot? About every other bartender quizzed so far around town knows how to make the gummi bear shot. There is high speculation about what flavor the clear/white gummi bear really is, and usually it's considered the "mystery" flavor. Some guess coconut or pineapple- and then it depends on the brand you choose. If you want to take it to the originator- it's Haribo. Haribo is the extra chewy but so flavorful brand, and many believe it's Trolli who's actually the original. Nope- Trolli is actually the first German candy company to make gummi worms, and they did so almost 60 years after the bear.

People who love the candy bears, that get their gummi-ness from gelatin and a boatload of sugar, are bewildered by the gummi bear shot. The flavor is the white gummi bear and here's how you make it according to Drinks Mixer:

1 oz good vodka
1/2 oz raspberry schnapps
1/2 oz cranberry juice

The shot actually turns out clear-and just by searching online, there's a variety of different schnapps that can be used...though they must taste different? And the cranberry use must somehow be clear, but at least it is mighty tasty! So far, only two bartenders have nailed it when asked. Currently it's a favorite shot of mine, so there will be more quizzed in the future. Plus, no gelatin in the drink. Vegetarian bonus!

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