Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Such a Creepy Girl, Such a Pretty Voice


With the days going by weighing between light and heavy, the mood puts me in a musical moment. There are so many countless bands and solo artists who's albums pile up around my speakers- but my guilty pleasure are solo girly pop artists. "Pop" has almost lost its luster, or actually just morphed into a vast array of blended mediums- a little synth, a little rock, a little more lip shine, and a with lot more gloss. Stumbling around today, I find a female artist from Estonia (she does realize most people don't know where it is- do you? Look around Russia). Her name is Kerli and she has a beautiful voice-an actual different voice! Her debut music video off of her Love Is Dead album is a blend of cute and kitschy Hot Topic wall posters, but I dig it.

So, here's my lowdown- The look of Lady Gaga (ala Christina Aguilera possibly with all that platinum, unless on the flipside-gasp!- it's natural..), and the eyes and dressy gathering of Amy Lee from Evanescence- but with a softer, lovely voice. You can check her out on myspace- with an unplugged song to prove her vocal prowess, and of course her album is out now. Something about her should make you feel a little mixed up, with such a blend of soft and edgy darkness- but her voice will put you at ease.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Glass Ring Me In


Glass Rings! Murano glass! Italian style on your hand! Non-metal cocktail rings are sometimes a little tough to find, at least here in the Midwest, and not elsewhere besides in a plastic clearance $1 bin. Enter: Glass rings. They carry the cocktail-ring weight but can be slim enough for your index finger or large enough to garner yourself some attention. It's the Italian lamp working style of glass making that has made Murano a hallmark in the glass working industry. Many craftspeople and jewelry makers have mimicked the original Murano glass ring style and made it their own- adding copper, gold, and other metal designs. The Carrotbox has been a great resource for some feminine designs that haven't been around town. Even Pier1 gets in on the action with a metal and glass combination- and many of them appear to be some sort of precious stones- but are just molded glass! My rings have been dropped many (okay, very many) times and only one has sustained a chip- and the drawback is not that a chip would add character to the overall design, but that my finger is essentially nearing a possible cut on a daily basis. Luckily, I don't mind suffering a little for these lovely rings.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Tulips in Bloom


Spring is abounding everywhere- even with rain falling in buckets throughout the midwest! The dark, gloomy, overcast skies call for a brighter daily ensemble palette. But how do you get the 'spring look' (Thanks to Stacy) without falling victim to the overabundance of pastels? Hold onto your bright-popping colors and bring a different shape into the mix. Add some Tulips! Why, of course! You can add them to your garden as well as your closet!

Take a moment to peruse Shopstyle- and behold the vast array of almost-knee length, knee length, and below-the-knee length skirts in every color and pattern (even in pastels). Yes, Behold! Marc Jacobs has a great example above keeping the color alive in satin violet with the springy punch of polka dots. Add in the figure (especially for the hip area) flattering shape, and you've got yourself a fabulous skirt that goes great with those current airy spring tops, and will always pay homage to your stems, er, I mean legs, or gams, or what have you. Drapey fabrics worn in just the right areas are always a plus- so you can look pulled together and sport a spring look that's fun!