Thursday, May 21, 2009

Glass Ring Me In


Glass Rings! Murano glass! Italian style on your hand! Non-metal cocktail rings are sometimes a little tough to find, at least here in the Midwest, and not elsewhere besides in a plastic clearance $1 bin. Enter: Glass rings. They carry the cocktail-ring weight but can be slim enough for your index finger or large enough to garner yourself some attention. It's the Italian lamp working style of glass making that has made Murano a hallmark in the glass working industry. Many craftspeople and jewelry makers have mimicked the original Murano glass ring style and made it their own- adding copper, gold, and other metal designs. The Carrotbox has been a great resource for some feminine designs that haven't been around town. Even Pier1 gets in on the action with a metal and glass combination- and many of them appear to be some sort of precious stones- but are just molded glass! My rings have been dropped many (okay, very many) times and only one has sustained a chip- and the drawback is not that a chip would add character to the overall design, but that my finger is essentially nearing a possible cut on a daily basis. Luckily, I don't mind suffering a little for these lovely rings.

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