Monday, May 3, 2010

Free Range...cookie

"There's a rumbly in my tummy!" said Pooh Bear.


Not to redirect to the thoughtful age of being 4 years old, but Winnie the Pooh definitely had it verbatim when describing his hunger pangs. I've been on a mission to bring my lunch every single work day, and to make each lunch meal super interesting. Well, FAIL big time on that one. So, since memory didn't serve me right, I got to hit up the "nooner" at Houlihan's restaurant. Yes, I said the Nooner- if you don't have your food in 15 mins. or less- it's free. They even give you a timer to prove it. And yes, it's a chain restaurant. But I am a devoted fan of the salads at Houlihan's. They have tons of different fresh veggies, with sushi additions, caramelized bananas, and non-fire breath inducing red onions. (Score!).

I also happened to learn on this lucky day, that if you order an entree for lunch instead of a regular ol' special- they bring you a cookie! By true standards, the server will ask you if you are ready to order dessert, but then, they bring you a "100% free-range cookie" of chocolate chip delight and a mighty impressive size (it's sharable if you're one of those). Free-range as in wheat and gluten and dairy free! Instantly, my FAIL was turned into Awesomeness, so I can't knock all chain restaurants.