Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Such a Creepy Girl, Such a Pretty Voice


With the days going by weighing between light and heavy, the mood puts me in a musical moment. There are so many countless bands and solo artists who's albums pile up around my speakers- but my guilty pleasure are solo girly pop artists. "Pop" has almost lost its luster, or actually just morphed into a vast array of blended mediums- a little synth, a little rock, a little more lip shine, and a with lot more gloss. Stumbling around today, I find a female artist from Estonia (she does realize most people don't know where it is- do you? Look around Russia). Her name is Kerli and she has a beautiful voice-an actual different voice! Her debut music video off of her Love Is Dead album is a blend of cute and kitschy Hot Topic wall posters, but I dig it.

So, here's my lowdown- The look of Lady Gaga (ala Christina Aguilera possibly with all that platinum, unless on the flipside-gasp!- it's natural..), and the eyes and dressy gathering of Amy Lee from Evanescence- but with a softer, lovely voice. You can check her out on myspace- with an unplugged song to prove her vocal prowess, and of course her album is out now. Something about her should make you feel a little mixed up, with such a blend of soft and edgy darkness- but her voice will put you at ease.

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