Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Flat Branch Pub & Brewing it up


Beer, scotch, bourbon, veggie burgers, and cream sodas you say? Around and about the downtown District area for the last 15 years, and the first brewery in over a hundred years, Flat Branch Pub & Brewing has earned a hearty reputation. They brew their own locally named-for beers, along with a super tasty sarsaparilla-esque root beer and cream soda that you will never be able to drink enough of! Starting off with beverages that are different in name and flavor (in the "good way" of course), there's the Green Chili Beer- which one of my great friends quotes as tasting "like beer and nachos had a baby" and is definitely on the spot. Esquire online gives Flat Branch a 76% rating as a "Best Bar."
For the meat-eating crowd, the burgers here are thick, juicy, and heartily flavorful (that's what I've heard again and again at least). And for the rest of the fanfare of non-meat eaters, Flat Branch has an awesome, super filling, hearty, tasty veggie burger. When you normally think of veggie burgers, something with soy comes to mind, maybe with a dash of pepper. But just wait. Their version of the veggie burger has dirty rice, oats, red pepper, tofu, portabello mushrooms (mmmm...), which you can add a slice of pepperjack cheese to and douse in a basil pesto. Grab a side of their homemade garlicky smashers and into veggie bliss you go. Really, it's hard to get enough of their ruby red cream soda, so go check it out.

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