Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fast Foward To: Here

Oh darling, there's nothing like turning another year older and remembering all the things forgotten, put aside, piled up, and put out of mind. Like this blog. Like my attempts at painting actual hangable art, and creating a budget to actually follow, and follow successfully.

Well now, the lady of lunching is currently on a hiatus from habitual noontime, downtown lunching. And evening dining and drinking debauchery. And also seemingly gone are the $150 salon trips, morning coffee jaunts, with memorable vintage shopping sprees. But all is not lost.

Enter email account number 3- used solely for online mailing lists, coupons, "what's happening" mailing list updates, and sample/freebie giftcard tryouts. The Panera coffee punch card is extinct, as is the local drive-up coffee window, and those pesky credit cards. Holding back on some fabulous things does cause a new found appreciation for the new adventures when you take them.

Now enter new adventure: dining with sushi. Even though the lady is Asian- she's never had sushi. She's not that kind of Asian. So for the big birthday celebration, some sushi veterans took me out to for sake and new foods. The caterpillar roll looked like a real caterpillar but tasted delicioso with a mixed sake martini- and nothing can compare to the 'big O' roll- a favorite with everyone at our cushy sofa sectional in the front of the restaurant.

I now dream about my next sushi trip.

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