Friday, February 6, 2009

Boyfriend Sweater-ize


The perfect accessory in between winter's bitter cold and dry months, and spring's semi-warm and damp months is the Boyfriend Sweater or Cardigan. Yes! It's about time for the season to be right! Now made especially for women as well, but still carrying the name of "boyfriend's", the super comfy and thin cover-up works with just about any outfit, and comes in every color and some luxe fabrics like this one at VS. Some cardigans have pockets, but they usually have large buttons, lengthy sleeves, and will cover a long torso. The most comfortable fabric, and definitely most favored: Cashmere! Just pulling it on makes you feel luxurious- and one place to find a great one is J Crew. Sexy! Belt it at the waist and fabulous you are, as well as prepared for the "in-between" season!

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