Friday, February 6, 2009

Shot of Comfort, Shot of Lime


While at Blondie's the other night, the man in the lab (minus the coat) began mixing his guessed concoction of Soco (Southern Comfort) and concentrated lime to come up with the perfect Soco and Lime Shot. Speedy fingers requesting some help from Google, and we found that the mix is one half Soco and one half lime juice. Except not the super, extra bitter, concentrated kind. But we four were on a mission and attempt, after attempt, we continued on our journey. One suggestion was to add water, another to add ice, to shake, to stir, and finally- at wits end, we drank whatever mixtures we were left with. And never really capturing the well-mixed flag on that night.

Thank goodness it was just the predrink session!

Southern Comfort is a liqueur (i.e. blend),of whiskey, peach, orange, banana, vanilla, sugar, and cinnamon flavors. It is NOT a bourbon whiskey. It is actually brewed in Ireland and was introduced in 1889- and depending on what country you live in- comes in several different proofs! (several, you say?- the lowest being in Australia and New Zealand). The originating Irish bartender moved to Memphis, TN. and worked on his patent there- and won the World's Fair Gold Medal in 1904, in St.Louis, MO. (Midwest representing!). The picture on the label is an actual place, called the Woodland Plantation in Louisiana that is a national historical place in the south. The tagline "None Genuine But Mine" is the first one penned by the bartender. So enjoy your Soco and add some lime (50/50 to be exact), and cheers to your friends!

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