Tuesday, January 13, 2009


After having a lovely lunch, with only an hour allowed, the flavor of my sandwich's sauce still lingers. Figuring in time for walking (to the parking garage), driving to the fancy pants restaurant (after calling it in)at Hemingway’s to pick up the carryout order, then back to J's job to scarf it down took a little more than the allowable hour.

The rosemary potato fingerlings and grilled cajun tilapia made a scrumptious combination. With tomatoes and cucumber, on a spread of goat's cheese, the fish was definitely mouth watering. Better known as a fine dining steak restaurant, and as a wine and cigar shop before that, H's has upped the anty on lunches that don't fit into the convenient (aka fast food) column. After all this? J was convinced to treat me there on our upcoming wedding anniversary!

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