Thursday, January 15, 2009

To Bread or not to Bread?

If you are among the chosen who work in a desk-office setting (where you're sedentary for a majority of the day), you might have to work out a little harder at the gym. Why?

The endless food days and leftovers from events (always requiring food), that are held for your department or others. If you're lucky and have events very often, you actually become quite picky on your choice of bagel, schmear, and/or pastry. And if the right person raves about the selection, you'll be guaranteed a future indulgence of a similar spread in the future. Always: Coffee and bagels, and Sometimes: Orange juice, pastries, cream cheese, and fresh fruit. There's almost an endless combination to pick from- but we learn to get there early (and nab that last gooey cinnamon roll!) to get the best pick.

The absolute tastiest bagels in the business are Einstein’s, and they have the largest (and absolutely delicious) selection of schmears. Mouth-watering. Unfortunately, there isn't one nearby- in fact to get to one requires a drive of a few hours. But Panera is usually our go-to breakfast breaker. Then there are some locals that have healthier options (and tastier!), but remember that if it's better for you, it's price is 'better' (i.e. higher) as well.

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