Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bang for your Buck

Tight budget clamping down calls for one thing- coupons! The best thing to do is create an alternate (one of several so far) email address and use it to subscribe to weekly/monthly emails advertising freebies and coupons. Luckily, Quizno’s sent me one for a 'buy one get one free' deal- and on the sidebar also advertised their new $5 menu- with 20 subs on it. And then there began a wild goose chase at lunch.

Quizno’s locations in our city no longer recognize the $5 deal at any of the franchises- so that was out. They do offer a $5.49 deal on the basic sammys (there are 5 and no veggie option-that's extra). Except the location in the district is permanently closed- When did that happen? Since the bitter freezing cold wind is currently upon us, the nearest sandwich shop was the Cafe Bleu. Half a block later, and we took a second look at it's sign, which read "Thank you for your patronage. The Cafe is closed permanently." Dang. Hopped in the car for a ride down the eastside to the next nearest Quizno’s location and joined the long line at the sandwich counter. Opting for the smaller sized veggie was a good idea ($.10 less!) except to realize; at the segment where they ask you what toppings you'd like (after it's been grilled/cooked); they were out of the best veggie topping: guacamole. They normally smother this on without regard and then it must be manually smoothed in equal parts on my sammy. But not today. The economy left me hungrier and missing my guac today. How much bang for your buck is that?

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