Monday, March 16, 2009

Yes to....Carrots? No to preservatives?


Hmm, that's right, Yes to Carrots. And to tomatoes (for oily skin), and cucumbers (for sensitive skin). It's the new black. It's apparently the new organic-paraben-free alternative to Burt’s Bees. Instead of harnessing the natural identity of bees, the brand digs up veggies, mixes them with natural occurring ingredients like salt from the Dead Sea and serves it up for different skin types. A big push in the organic industry is what has helped this San Francisco, CA company build it's wealth- it's USDA Organic, against animal testing, all recyclable, and a portion of your purchase goes towards a Seed Fund, which is a non-profit group which helps out communities attempting to sustain themselves by growing food. All this is very cool. But the most important part to us- the consumer end is the effectiveness!

It works! In fact, after buying and losing many tubes of chapstick, the only one ever really missed was my Yes to Carrots C Me Smile Melon one. Lost forever! They contain some beeswax, vegetable extract, and the most helpful ingredient- soothing shea butter. Happy as a clam while standing at a local Walgreens with the replacement purchase in hand, my eyes gazed upon the other countless products with each their own purpose and type of vegetable. Now, it's a mission to become a human guinea-pig and indulge on the world of saying Yes! carrots, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

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