Monday, March 23, 2009

Add Lime in the Springtime


It's officially the beginning of the spring season, 2009! Time to rejoice in the warmer climates to soon be visiting the Midwest- and add some lime to your Corona! It's the best selling beer in Mexico, and the highest imported label in the U.S. Many people say they don't enjoy this beer without a lime! Supposedly, limes were inserted into the necks of beers in Mexico to keep bugs and flies from drowning in your beverage...which sounds more fiction and rumor. But these days, while enjoying every last drop your well-earned dollar can pay for- it's all about the flavor. And the skill.

Skill you say? Yes, the perfected skill of liming your Corona Extra. No light here please. Pretty much every time a bartender is asked for the 'import' special with a lime, you get a Corona bottle with a lime wedge the size of a nickel stuffed in the top of the neck. And every time, they get a dirty look- while more lime is asked for.To get it right, you need a lime wedge-which is about twice the size of a slice (or actually 1/8th of a lime) and an opened Corona. First, squeeze the wedge's juice into the beer- most people don't squeeze the juice but opt for lime-stuffing instead. Second, squeeze the lime wedge horizontally into the neck of the bottle. Carefully (very carefully!) place your thumb over the top- making sure to cover the opening completely and avoid any spillage. While holding on tightly, turn the beer upside down, and slowly watch as the lime floats to the bottom. Once it touches, turn the bottle back over and consume at your leisure.

The BIG difference is squeezing the juice out-without that part, tipping the bottle upside down doesn't make a different to the flavor which is the same as stuffing the lime in the neck. Someone thought to surpass the skills requirement, and even invented a Lime Bomber to make the task much easier! (Watch the video). Now, another skill or trick to learn is getting the lime out of the bottle before tossing the glass in the recycling bin...but that's something you'll just have to work on yourself.

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Anonymous said...

to get the lime out of the bottle, use your right or left and, go into the parking lot, and smash the bottle on the pavement.. if u have the balls; do it inside the bar..