Friday, March 6, 2009

Sesame Seeds for Dessert


After raving about enjoying a dessert of sesame balls, I was offered a taste. Delish! How could sesame be a main component of a dessert? When we think of desserts, images of chocolate syrup and powdered sugar with cherries and whip cream dance in our heads. Then you take an eastern hemisphere nod to dessert and wonderful sesame seed balls are the dish! Sesame balls are mostly made of sesame seeds and rice flour- with a bit of brown sugar and bean paste. Rolled up and fried, to be served toasty, with or without dipping sauce. Epicurious has a great recipe, and for extra special occasions you can add chocolate instead of the sweet bean paste. Ching He-Huang uses dark chocolate in her recipe. I've come across her tv show Chinese Food Made Easy, which airs on the BBC a few times and she's a fun cook. For some reason, I'm more intrigued by a wonderful Chinese female chef, with an English accent, than the colorful dishes sometimes! Take a look a section of an episode on Youtube. The closeups are scrumptious and mouthwatering! And you can totally order some sesame balls from a Chinese or Thai restaurant. Order up!

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