Wednesday, December 8, 2010

First Things First...A Few of My Favorite Things

A Few of My Favorite Things


I'm spending my free time reading a multitude of others' blogs about personal financial tactics, food, local events, and music reviews- that I haven't really spent the time caring for blogs of my own accord.

But, I still lunch. Just about every day. Lately I'm on the "Dave Ramsey says..." plan so I've tracked my spending. Most of what I used to spend on concert going and shopping- is now spent on food. That other people make for me. So I'll make this short and sweet- especially for friends that always want to know about what I had for lunch but don't have the gall to follow me here on

A few of my favorite things......

Without taking proper notice, I tend to become a creature of habit always ordering the same things at the same places. Sometimes I set out to be adventurous and try something new but my mouth waters for a particular dish and I'm ordering before I've glanced at the menu much. Sometimes a person will ask if I've tried this or that and so immediately I'm back on track, searching for something new.

After deliberating during a few previous visits, I finally tried the veggie burger at Ingredient. I'm wary of the term 'veggie burger' because usually it refers to something popped out of the freezer- or else it would carry a name such as 'black bean- whole grain- homemade- veggie sandwich. Maybe it's the 'burger' part of the name that doesn't do it any justice. But at Ingredient, it's a bonafide food processor concoction that is different- New- compared to any others I've had before. Fresh bright veggies and some grains- no beans, and very little seasoning add up to pretty good non-frozen burger. I just went with some provolone, out of the 500-ish number of toppings available there, and some tomato and lettuce- side of pickle and hot sweet potato fries. I shy away from ketchup, mustard, mostly salt and pepper too- but I have to say maybe next time I'll ask for some wasabi honey sauce on the side. You should try it too.

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